Our generation intuitively understands that life is better together. That our relationships are a fundamental pillar of our happiness. That they make our good moments better and our bad moments more bearable.
Yet, we all know difficult moments in our relationships and the hardship they bring. Today millions of people struggle in their relationships and get stuck in painful situations, oftentimes for years.

The thought of getting professional help has crossed the minds of most of us at some point. Yet, the hurdles of finding a good therapist, or being able to afford therapy are simply too high.
At Together, we believe that our relationships require regular care, just like our physical and our mental health. We use the latest behavioral science to help you get unstuck and build a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.
We believe that in the future, relationship health practices will become good hygiene and not just problem-based interventions that people start with when it is almost too late.
Just like mindfulness was repositioned from an esoteric fringe activity to an in-vogue science-based mental health phenomenon, the same will happen with relationship health. We are here to drive this cultural change.
And even though dealing with acute relationship problems will always remain painful and difficult, it will not be shameful anymore.
Together is shaping the future of relationship health. Because our relationships are worth it.