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Together is a relationship health app developed by leading couples therapists

Couples therapy, made simple

Connect your accounts and practice taking regular positive action in your relationship - one small step at a time.

Guided interactive video sessions

Be inspired and reflect about what truly matters to you in your relationship, with the help of guided interactive video sessions.

“Hi, my name is Katie and I will guide you through your program.”

Overcome whatever life throws at you

Every relationship is different. You’ll find courses to work on your specific relationship ambitions and challenges. All materials are based on evidence based frameworks.


What people say about Together

4.8 on the Appstore

“Katie explains topics in such a practical way that it was easy to apply learnings to our everyday challenges. Things between us have improved tremendously. Thank you so much.”

— Ellie, Toronto, CA

For a healthy, lasting relationship

Receive a personal assessment of the strengths and challenges of your relationship. Watch your scores improve as you work in the app.

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